Dr. Tovian served as Director of the Health Psychology and Biofeedback Center for over 25 years.  The program provided diagnosis and treatment for patients with:

  • Physical disorders exacerbated or caused by psychological factors
  • Physical disorders creating psychological symptoms
  • Psychological reactions to illness and accidents
  • High risk behaviors resulting in illness and disability (i.e., smoking, obesity, and stress)

Dr. Tovian integrated biofeedback with medical specialties such as oncology, medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, geriatrics, neurology, family medicine, rehabilitation medicine, and surgery.  As director of the computerized biofeedback laboratory, Dr. Tovian provided consultation to schools as well as industry.  He supervised biofeedback in the context of group, family and individual psychotherapy.  Dr. Tovian supervised biofeedback research, psychology intern training and clinical and health psychology quality assurance with biofeedback.

Dr. Tovian integrates his vast experience with biofeedback into his professional private practice as well.

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